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Jules Verne (1828-1905)

01. The Adventures of a Special Correspondent

02. All Around the Moon

03. An Antarctic Mystery

04. Around the World in 80 Days

05. Around the World in 80 Days (Junior Edition)

06. The Blockade Runners

07. Celebrated Travels and Travellers (Part-1)

08. Celebrated Travels and Travellers (Part-2)

09.  Dick Sand

10. Dick Sands, the Boy Captain

11. Eight Hundred Leagues on the Amazon

12. The English at the North Pole

13. Facing the Flag

14. The Field of Ice

15. Five Weeks in a Balloon

16. From the Earth to the Moon; and, Round the Moon

17. The Fur Country

18. Godfrey Morgan

19. In Search of the Castaways; or the Children of Captain Grant

20. In the Year 2889

21. Voyage au centre de la terre

22. A Journey to the Interior of the Earth

23. The Master of the World

24. Michael Strogoff

25. The Moon-Voyage

26. Île mystérieuse (English)

27. Off on a Comet! a Journey through Planetary Space

28. The Secret of the Island

29. The Survivors of the Chancellor

30. The Survivors of the Chancellor, diary of J.R. Kazallon, passenger

31. Ticket No. "9672"

32. Topsy-Turvy

33. Vingt mille lieues sous les mers

34. The Underground City, or, the Child of the Cavern

35. A Voyage in a Balloon (1852)

36. The Waif of the "Cynthia" by André Laurie and Jules Verne